Study in Sweden Without IELTS With Spouse

List of documents: 
– 2 recent passport photographs

– 2 copies of the passport (validity minimum 6 months)
– Acceptance letter from the University in Sweden & copy
– 2 Copies of educational degrees; university/college/high school etc (attested by the Foreign Ministry)

– 1 Letter of confirmation from the sponsor of the studies & copy
– 2 copies of the Bank statements (the applicant should be able to show an amount of 7300 Swedish a month for at least 10 months per year, for the entire study period, and a certificate from the bank showing the amount in US dollar, Euro, UK Pounds or Swedish kronor.


Health Insurance  for students whose studies will not last more than 1 year.

All documents should be shown in original at the time of submitting the application at the Embassy



Unique Selling Points of Studying in Sweden.


  •          No restrictions of working hours for Students in Sweden.
  •          Students can setup their own business without any rent and other marketing expenditures.
  •          Almost everyone speaks English unlike other European countries.
  •          It is the only country which gives work permit (like H1 of USA) without even completing the programmer and even with odd job.
  •          Health and Education is free for the entire family who has work permit in Sweden.
  •          6 months of Post study work visa is given to the student after completion of the programme to search job